Wish List

We supply our foster families with everything they need  to take care of their foster animal. Donations are appreciated!

You can also choose from our wish list on amazon.com (specific products have already been chosen).


  • Gift cards:

  •  Walmart, Tractor Supply, Petco, Kroger, and PetSmart

  • Monetary donations for medical needs



  • Puppy food (wet and dry)

  • Collars and leashes for all sizes

  • Training pads (we like Best Dog Pee Pads - find them on Amazon)

  • Dog beds

  • Blankets to use in medium/small kennels

  • Towels (bath size)

  • Medium sized kennels 

  • Dog toys

  • Adult Dog food

  • Clorox & Clorox Wipes

  • Baby Wipes




  • Cat litter (clumping only)

  • Litter boxes

  • Kitten food (wet/pate Fancy Feast or dry kitten chow)

  • Adult food (wet pate and dry)

  • Beds

  • Blankets to use in medium/small kennels

  • Towels (bath size)

  • Cat toys

  • Cat tree


Other Animals

  • Chickens:  Chicken feed, meal worms, pine shavings, hay

  • Goat:  Oxbow Timothy Hay, Oxbow Orchard Grass, Wee Wee Pads (XL 28" x 34")





Through no fault of their own, there are always those precious babies that are destined to be FOREVER fosters.  Because of their age, physical condition, or type of animal, they are just unable to be adopted and the honor of being their forever home falls to the rescue and the foster home that took them in.   These babies remain the responsibility of Music City Animal Rescue thru their whole life.  Please remember these little ones as well when you donate.  CURRENTLY in our forever program we have 10 cats - 6 dogs - 2 horses - 10 chickens - 1 duck - 1 goat.  Again, if you would like to make a donation towards any of these pets, just send us a message thru Facebook or email us at MusicCityAnimalRescue@gmail.com to inquire about their needs.  THANK YOU!!