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Our Mission :

The mission of Music City Animal Rescue is to rescue and rehabilitate lost, abused or abandoned animals.  We provide them with food, shelter, medical care and love while we help them find the loving forever family they deserve.

Our goal...that one day, we will no longer be needed!!  Until that day, your support of our mission and these precious lives is greatly appreciated! 

Who Are We?

Music City Animal Rescue is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that rescues abandoned, abused or neglected animals in and around the Middle Tennessee area.


We are a foster based home network of highly dedicated individuals that care for the animals in our homes until they can find their forever families.  This network is dedicated to the complete care and placement process.  From the moment an animal comes into our program, it is treated as part of a family.  They are socialized not only with other humans,  cats and dogs at the appropriate time. We NEVER euthanize to make room for more and all of our foster homes are dedicated to seeing each and every animal through their journey to their forever home.

​We wish that there was no need for our services, and we pray that some day there will be no more unwanted animals, but until that day arrives, we are strong advocates for SPAY and NEUTER of all pets.  All animals adopted through MCAR will be altered prior to adoption as well as fully vetted.




Our Criteria:

There is never a shortage of pets, that through no fault of their own, find their way into our program.  For this reason,  we do have certain criteria for accepting animals into our program. 


*  We  accept animals from not only Davidson County but all other surrounding counties - if you live outside of Davidson County, you may be asked to bring the pet to a foster/volunteer


*  Every animal that is taken into the Music City Animal Rescue program will be assessed by one of our personnel.  Their temperament, age, and health will be taken into consideration.  NO animal is turned away if we have the means to help them.  PLEASE UNDERSTAND, there may be times that we are unable to accept an animal in need into our rescue for various reasons including having no available space.

*  Please be prepared to submit a photo of the pet and a short description and explanation for surrender


*  We rely solely on donations.  For this reason, donations are appreciated at the time the animal is surrendered, especially on owner surrenders. 


*  Music City Animal Rescue reserves the right to refuse acceptance of any animal after initial examination/determination for any reason




Low Cost Spay/Neuter and Vet Services:

Music City Animal Rescue works closely with several veterinarians in the Nashville area, along with Pet Community Center:

Other great resources for low cost spay/neuter:

Vickie Harris - Director