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Caring for those that are "Golden" in years or "Golden" in spirit

Sponsored by:  Dr. Kate O'Connor and Harmony Facial Plastic Surgery

Surrendered by owner.  Left behind when family moved away. Taken to shelter due to age or medical condition. Left alone when owner passes away. Found in a box on the side of the road.  Left in a dumpster. Bred repeatedly and/or raised in unsanitary and inhumane conditions. These are only a few of the reasons that animals find themselves in shelters and rescue.
Animals that are surrendered or abandoned due to age or medical needs are often passed by at shelters.
These are animals that have given so much love in their lives and have so much more love and life left, they just need a little extra TLC.  Your donation allows Music City Animal Rescue to welcome these
babies into the rescue.  We provide the medical evaluations, medications, care and time needed to bring them back to physical and/or mental health and give them the opportunity to find loving forever homes.
Dr. O'Connor and Harmony Facial Plastic Surgery was the first to step up to be a sponsor for these precious souls.
You too can be a "Golden Guardian".  When you make a donation choose the "Golden Guardian" program.  You will receive a Thank You letter with the name and story of the special baby your donation is providing for.  You can make a reccuring donation to the Golden Guardian program to make sure that even more senior and special needs animals can be saved.

Mercy found herself at the local animal control.  She had an obvious skin condition with scabs and loss of hair.
Adequate evaluation could not be made in a shelter environment and even though she was extremely sweet and got along well with other animals, Mercy had no chance at adoption and there was little medically that could be done for her at the shelter.  MCAR was able to bring her into a
loving foster home and get her the diagnosis that was needed to
get Mercy on the road to recovery.  Found to have an auto-immune disease that simply needs to be treated with
Prednisone and attention to keeping her skin clean, Mercy is on her way to finding her a home of her very own.
Without your help and the continued sponsorsh
ip of Harmony Facial Plastic Surgery, Mercy and so many others like her would die alone on the streets or be put to sleep in a shelter.

Please consider helping MCAR and Dr. O'Connor in our efforts to give these sweet ones the second chance they deserve.  The chance to have a family that loves them for who they are and a chance to live a healthy, safe life.


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