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​Foster or Volunteer 


If you want to help us, START HERE!

Volunteer opportunities:

  • Adoption Days

  • Fundraising Events

  • Other pet-related events including festivals, events, shows, etc.

  • and more!

If you would like to volunteer, click here to contact us.


The most vital part of the rescue process at Music City Animal Rescue is the foster homes. Once we save an animal, they are placed in a fitting foster home until adopted.


Duties as a foster parent:

  • Socialize the animals with humans as well as other animals

  • Provide a safe, loving environment.

  • Observe the personality traits and needs of the animal.

  • Music City Animal Rescue will pay for all of the expenses incurred in getting these

  • animals ready to be adopted such as medical care, grooming, and food - all you need

  • to do is be prepared to love them.

What we provide for fosters:

  • Medical care of animal

  • Basic supplies (food, litter, etc.)

  • Grooming

  • All other expenses

We can't stress enough the importance of our fosters. The number of animals we rescue is completely dependent on having an available foster for that animal. 

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If You Would Like To Be A FOSTER click HERE

What is a "unicorn foster"?

This refers to a foster home that is prepared to take in special needs animals that may take longer to place than other fosters.

This is a foster home with any of the following (but not all):

  • A home without small children

  • A home without pets

  • Stay-at-home fosters

  • Homes without frequent visitors

  • Special training in animal behavior or care for special medical needs

Unicorn pets can include animals with:

  • Medical Issues

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Emotional Issues

  • Extra High Energy

  • High-Value Food Aggression

  • or Senior Aged

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