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Music City Animal Rescue is a "foster home" based organization.  This means that every animal that comes into
our program will not be held in a cage unless for their own safety.  They live with families where they are socialized and learn to become wonderful members of a family of their own.  Unfortunately, in the past several years, foster home volunteers have decreased dramatically.  The foster homes that we do have are taking more and more cats into their homes.  There is a limit to how many is safe and productive for these babies.

Music City Animal Rescue wants to continue to help abandoned, abused, neglected and even feral cats &
kittens.  In the absence of foster volunteers, the decision has been made to add a fully furnished kitty kabin to our program.  This "kabin" is to be fully operational with water and electricity.  It will be furnished with all things
CAT and will provide a safe location in which to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome cats & kittens in need.

WE NEED YOUR HELP!!  Not only has the number of foster home volunteers decreased, but donations are
down as well.  We are just able to keep up with our food, vetting and additional supply needs.  We do not
have extra funds for this type of project.  After many many months of shopping and getting quotes, we have
come up with a budget that we will need to purchase the building and provide water, heat/air, and other
furnishings.  The building alone is a
minimum of $6,000.00.  It will take an additional $2,000.00 to purchase
the inside furnishings.

We are asking for monetary donations; however, if an
yone is willing to donate their time, supplies, furnishings
for our Kitty Kabin, please contact us at (615) 485-4452 or email

We would LOVE to hear from you!!



A Kitty Can Dream!

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