​Foster or Volunteer 


If you have always wanted to help,but just didn't know where to start, START HERE!

You can help  with:

  • adoption days

  • other local pet-related activities including bake sales, adopt-a-thons, etc. 

  • fundraising (event planning, baking goodies, making phone calls)

  • and more!

If you would like to help by Volunteering, click here to contact us.


Music City Animal Rescue is a network of foster homes that care for the animals we rescue in our homes until they are adopted, we consider a foster to be the most vital part of the rescue process. 


​As a foster, you welcome the animal into your family. This is crucial!

  • You help make sure they are socialized with humans as well as other animals.

  • The most important thing you give a foster animal is LOVE. Most of these animals have been abandoned, or abused and left alone to take care of themselves.  We are not always aware of what an animal has been through before they come to us and because of that, our fosters are a vital link to that animals continued happiness and success in finding a forever home.

  • Music City Animal Rescue will pay for all of the expenses incurred in getting these animals ready to be adopted such as medical care, grooming, and food - all you need to do is be prepared to love them.

We can't stress enough the importance of our fosters. The number of animals we rescue is completely dependent on having an available foster for that animal. 

If you would like to become one of our foster volunteers, click here to fill out an application.