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Join MCAR at the Nashville Home and Garden Show

January 4th and 5th, 2020

MCAR is excited to announce that we will be at the Nashville Home and Garden show January 4-5, 2020.  This year the show will be held at the brand new state-of-the-art Expo Center at the Nashville Fairgrounds.  Admission is FREE all weekend.  MCAR will be there with some of the cutest fur-babies for you to stop and get some puppy-love.  We will also be joined by the awesome BFF Treats who will have a treat-bar of goodies for your pets.  PetSmart will be providing some great give-aways at our booth too!   We hope you will stop by and checkout lots of great business and ideas for your home as well.


Nashville, TN working to provide more

pet-friendly housing

According to the ASCPA, over 1 million families are forced to re-home their pets each year.  Although the reasons vary, over 33% of them say it is due to lack of available pet-friendly housing.  

Families are often devastated by the decision they must make and the toll on the pets that are forced to leave the only security they have known is sometimes life-threatening.  Pets grieve the loss of their family.  They are afraid and often withdraw to the point of severe depression, not eating and eventual death.  Those that survive often have personalities and trauma from which they never recover.

Before adopting a pet, PLEASE make sure that your current housing situation is pet-friendly and that you have a plan should you need to relocate for safe and continuous care for your pets.

In an effort to reduce this stress for pet-families, many more apartments and landlords are allowing families with pets affordable rental options. 

Music City Animal Rescue would like to provide you with a link to a pet-friendly apartment guide.  This guide is a one stop shop.  Not only does it direct you to locations, but it helps you look for basic things like size, location, and price as well as amenities like swimming pool, furnished, and even hardwood flooring (which we know is important to families with pets and kids). You can even check reviews before contacting them.

Please consider using this guide and do your research before adopting a pet.  Pets are our responsibility.  They give us unconditional love and devotion, we should do the same for them.

Click the link below to take you to this awesome guide!


Music City Animal Rescue believes that knowledge is power, that is why we are so dedicated to educating the public on all issues having to do with animal welfare.  Whether it is animal care, animal rights, rescue and rehabilitation and much more, we feel it is the responsibility of all animal lovers and responsible pet parents to educate ourselves and continue to stay alert for ways we can make the world better for not only our furry family member, but all animals!  We are their voice!!