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PJ is a Nigerian dwarf goat.  This means that when fully grown they will not weigh over 75 lbs.  PJ comes from a line of very small goats whose birth parents do not weigh over 50 lbs so he will be the size of a medium-sized dog when fully grown.

PJ came into the rescue at 4 hours old.  His birth mommy rejected him and with no human that was able to raise him at the farm he came from, our Director Vickie Harris, was asked to help.  At 4 pm on June 17, 2017, Vickie became a proud mommy of a 2 lb, 2oz baby goat.

PJ was originally named Philly, and his mommy still calls him that.  Named after Vickie's husband to help ease the fact that there was a goat in his home, Philly settled into bottle feedings every 4 hours.  He learned within a week to use a wee wee pad to go potty.  Philly was not without many health problems and he stayed very ill for the first few months of his life but thankfully that all seems to be behind him and he has quickly grown into a precious member of the family.  YES, he is a "house goat"!  Goats are herd animals and if you are unable to have more goats to keep them company, then be prepared to have a goat best friend forever.  He lives in a home with many cats and he believes he is just one of the bunch.  His best friend is a deaf cat named Baby Girl.  Baby Girl does not care much for any other animals but Philly!   They share water

bowls, she tries to eat his hay and most of all, they love to sleep together.  Baby Girl kneads his back as they drift off.

He goes everywhere with his mommy.  He loves to ride in the car!  Because he is such a traveling goat, he has made many friends around town and so his mommy started him a Facebook page.  This way all of his friends to keep up with how he was doing.

Philly became so popular that Music City Animal Rescue chose to name him as our mascot.  He is our ambassador!  He loves dogs, cats, people.  He loves to wear clothes.  Philly became PJ (short for Phil Junior - you can figure it out) when we decided to make him his own logo.  Philly "PJ" doesn't care what you call him as long as he gets lots of love and attention.

He will continue to be a special part of the Music City Animal Rescue and of course, his mommy's pride and joy!

We hope you will follow PJ on his Facebook page or come out to meet him at one of our adoption events!!


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On June 16, 2019, Philly will turn 2 years old.  He is still living indoors with his family.  He does not get to travel as much any longer because he is almost full grown and weighs approx. 45lbs.  He has grown much more independent this past year.  He is also eating a LOT more food. 

For those of you who do not know, Philly is a house goat not only because he deserves to be spoiled rotten, but because he has very specific dietary needs.  Through no fault of his own or his human mommy, his little digestive system did not develop properly and he is unable to graze on outside grasses and hay and bushes, etc... that normal goats can.  He becomes very ill, to the point of death.  Because no vet could remedy the situation, it was recommended to save his life that he be kept where he can only eat store-bought hay and fruits and veggies that his family provides him with.  As long as he sticks to this diet, he is a happy, healthy, and growing goat! 

Philly is easily the most expensive and time-consuming rescue in the program.  His food alone costs approx. $200.00 per month and because he is wee wee pad trained (and goats wee wee a lot) he uses approx. $100.00 worth of pads a month.  His mommy and daddy are happy to provide him with what he needs so he was able to have a wonderful life; however, if anyone would like to contribute to his care (the rescue is not able to absorb the full cost so his mommy and daddy are chipping in to help pay for what he needs), please do not hesitate to donate here on our website and make a donation for Philly the Goat or see his wish list under our be a Hero tab. He also eats fresh fruits and veggies!!

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