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Be a Music City "Super Hero" 

DONATE Today!!

 Music City Animal Rescue is a small rescue organization that depends totally upon the support of the community in order to rescue animals in needs. Many of the animals brought into our program need some sort of extra medical care due to the conditions from which they came, which escalates the cost.


The most often requested donation from a charitable organization of any kind is money.  It is easy to appropriate the funds needed to specific areas of need whether it is medical - food - shelter - supplies or other operating expenses.


There are several ways you can help!!!

1.  Become a MCAR "Super Hero" by pledging your monthly support.

This is the most popular method to support the rescue.  Not only does it allow you to budget your donation, but it allows MCAR to have ongoing funds to rely on to rescue and care for animals in need.

For your monthly support, MCAR would like to send you a "Thank You"

gift at your donation level.

SUPER GOAT LEVEL (monthly donation of $50.00 and above)

 You will receive...

*A MCAR T-Shirt

* A basket of goodies from our MCAR treasure box

WONDER DOG LEVEL (monthly donation of $10.00 - $50.00)

You will receive...

*A MCAR T-Shirt


2.  Become a MCAR "Supporting Hero" by pledging your ONE TIME donation,

* Your donation of $50.00 will help feed an animal for 1 month.

* Your donation of $25.00 will help provide Flea/Tick & Heart Worm

Preventatives for 1 month.

Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!


Whatever donation you choose, we at Music City Animal Rescue would like to thank you for your kindness and thoughtfulness toward our furry friends.  You are truly a "Super Hero" in their eyes!!




Click this button for your reoccuring Paypal monthly donation.  Be sure to click "reoccuring" donation and add your shipping address in the comments to receive your FREE gift.

Click this button for your one time donation.Use this button at any time you wish to donate.

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