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A program especially for senior cats (ages 8 and up)



Every day thousands of senior pets are surrendered to local animal shelters or

euthenized because their families are unable to care for their needs (even when

the needs may be small) or they know that the time may come soon, that they

will need additional medical care.  Other times, when they are no longer frisky kittens, they are surrendered and traded in for a younger pet.


These are pets that have given their lives and their love to a family for sometimes as long as 16 years only to find themselves in a cold cage with no idea why they are there.


There is no guarantee how long any pet will live, but they deserve the same level of care thru their ENTIRE life.  That is why Music City Animal Rescue has begun our Lap Cat program.


Lap cats are brought in to our foster home network.  They are given full medical check-ups including blood work.  If a need for medication is indicated, we will provide this for them. 


We actively seek to find these sweet souls permanent homes for the rest of their days but ALL of our senior foster parents know that they may be this pets final home and they are happy and blessed to be just that!!


If you can see yourself as one of these senior sweethearts new parent or foster parent, please contact us at or call (615)485-4452. 


Adoption fees for cats over the age of 8 years old is only $50.00 (fully vetted as indicated above).


**PLEASE NOTE:  If you are over the age of 60 years old yourself, we also offer a SENIORS FOR SENIORS program.  If you would like to adopt one of our seniors, the adoption fee would be $10.00.




Click our link now to see all of our wonderful senior cats on Petfinder! 

























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